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The Various Treatments Paediatric ENT Surgeons Administer

An ENT surgeon is a physician who specialises in the surgical treatment of medical conditions related to the ear, nose, throat, neck and head, commonly abbreviated as ENT. There are so many surgical procedures that can be performed by this type of surgeon, but some tend to be more commonly done than others.

Here is a look at some of the most widely performed paediatric ENT procedures.


This is an ENT procedure performed to remove adenoids located at the back of your child's nose or in the roof of their mouth. The adenoids play an important part in ensuring the good health of your child, as they produce antibodies, which help fight off disease. As your child grows into adolescence, the adenoids tend to shrink and may vanish by adulthood. But if your child suffers from an adenoid infection, their adenoid will remain inflamed, subsequently resulting in breathing problems and ear infections, such as sleep apnoea, snoring and ear infections. Ear infections may occur because enlarged adenoids can clog the eustachian tubes that connect the back of your child's nose to the middle ear. By performing an adenoidectomy, a paediatric ENT surgeon will remove the enlarged adenoids causing your child breathing problems and ear infections.


This surgical procedure is performed to prevent chronic tonsillitis. The procedure is often performed together with adenoid removal or adenoidectomy. Children who have mild sore throats should not immediately undergo a tonsillectomy. In most cases, the tonsils will get better within a short time. Before then, it is important that the child drink lots of water and soft foods to avoid aggravating the problem. Various surgical techniques can be employed when performing a paediatric tonsillectomy, including cold ablation, cold steel surgery, lasers and diathermy. The choice of technique often depends on the particular needs of the patient.

Removal of glue ear

Another common childhood condition that may call for the services of an ENT surgeon is glue ear. Glue ear usually occurs when sticky fluid accumulates in their middle ear. The buildup is often caused by infections in the middle ear, though this sometimes occurs without any infection. Glue ear can cause your child to suffer from temporary loss of hearing in one or both ears, as the fluid makes it more difficult for the child to hear properly. A paediatric ENT specialist can provide both surgical and non-surgical treatment for the problem. They may administer antibiotics to kill the germs and clear the fluid or drain the fluid using small ventilation tubes referred to as grommets, if the problem persists.